Picture Post Help

Signage is the best way to let people know that there is a Picture Post in the area, its purpose, and how and where to upload pictures. Attractive and informative signs go a long way towards inviting people to take pictures now or to bring along their digital camera next time! Signs can be attached to the post and anywhere else that will point people to your post.


  • If your Picture Post is in a park or along a trail, ask the park personnel if you can put a sign about the post in their kiosk or bulletin board.
  • Signs should be laminated and attached securely to the post to resist being lost or damaged by weather and becoming unreadable.
  • Include the Picture Post logo on your signs -- the more Picture Posts that pop up around the world, the more visible is the network, and the more information that is collected.
  • Once you have added your post to the website, it will be assigned a post number and a permanent URL. You can include the post URL in the signs for people to easily find your post on the website.
  • Click here to get a full-resolution picture post logo (as shown here) as a jpeg file for your sign! small logo

Sample sign information

Picture Post #1
Menotomy Rocks Park
Latitude: 42° 24.637'N
Longitude: 71° 9.899'W

The project:  We are studying the health of plants and the status of invasive species in this area of Menotomy Rocks Park while having fun watching nature change with the seasons.
We need digital pictures to create a time-lapse sequence of photos that will document the growth of plants 360° around this picture post throughout the year, and hopefully years to come.
You can help by taking a set of pictures from this post.  Here’s how:

  • Take a digital picture of these instructions to indicate the location of the post. Include your watch in the picture, if possible, since this will be used as an accurate check of the time and date of the photos.
  • Place the bottom of the digital camera flat on the disc, with the back against the side of the octagon that faces North and is marked “N.”  Align the middle of the back of your camera with the edge of the octagon. Point the lens away from the post.
  • Use widest angle lens setting and take a picture.  Repeat for the other 7 clockwise locations on the octagon.
  • With the camera pointing skyward and the bottom along the north edge of octagon, take a picture of the sky and/or leaf canopy cover overhead.
  • Submit your photos and view others’ at http://picturepost.unh.edu
  • This post is: http://picturepost.unh.edu/post.jsp?postId=5

If you have nothing to write this information down, take a photograph of this card and reread on your computer screen.